Texas CPR Training, LLC
Serving Dallas Texas and ALL surrounding areas!

***We will beat any American Heart Instructor prices!***

Call or text us for AHA training classes at your location at 214-770-6872.  We can accommodate any size in Dallas Texas and ALL surrounding areas. 

We will come to your location with a minimum of 5 students! 

     CPR/AED                      $30.00 per student
                                             Ebooks can be purchased through AHA at https://ebooks.heart.org

     CPR/AED/First Aid     $45.00 per student

                                  Ebooks can be purchased through AHA at https://ebooks.heart.org

We also offer CPR classes on a weekly basis at our location in Plano, Texas for individuals. See our calendar of CPR classes for a course that best fits your schedule.

Need a CPR certification card today?  We offer skills check offs for the online course every day at our Plano location.  If you can not make it to one of our regularly scheduled CPR classes and need a CPR certification card immediately, do the online course at www.onlineaha.org and call 214-770-6872 to make an appointment for the CPR skills check.  The skills check off fee is $40.00. Will receive your CPR certification card the same day. Beware of any other online CPR certification courses.  Click here for more infomation.

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Texas CPR Training is an approved American Heart Association CPR Training (AHA) Center to conduct Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) CPR classes in Dallas Texas and surrrounding areas, and have been providing American Heart courses for over 13 years.  We are stationed out of Plano, Texas, but will travel anywhere in Dallas Texas and all surrounding areas.

Our CPR courses can be tailored to meet the needs of specific groups and/or individuals.  Whether you're a member of a community who wants to know how to help in an emergency, or have a defined duty to act in emergencies, we are here to offer the the best AHA CPR certification classes that fit your schedule.

We pride ourselves most in the quality of our teaching/training. We use the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide for an interactive, experiential learning environment. We will provide each student in all CPR courses with their own manikin to improve skill levels and reduce risks of exposure to infectious disease. We make sure that each student leaves the classroom feeling a sense of ownership over the skills they gained.

Our desire is to ensure that quality AHA CPR training is available at a reasonable price. Texas CPR Training has a program for you. Find out more about what CPR training we can offer you!

Why choose Texas CPR Training

When you choose Texas CPR Training, you are not only choosing one of the best and interesting CPR and First Aid courses available, you are also choosing:


    Affordable accredited  AHA CPR courses that cater specially to your needs.

    Quality AHA CPR training conducted by a certified American Heart Instructor

    Short notice booking service

    Easy to understand  AHA CPR course materials

    100% satisfaction in both the training and service provided
    Our AHA CPR classes are not only informative, but FUN and entertaining
    AHA certified classes